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  • Development Experience
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  • Leadership & Process Improvement



Sr. Developer

January 2022 – August 2023

During my tenure as Sr. Developer at Mediacurrent, I engaged in a diverse array of projects, assuming various levels of responsibility. These ranged from serving as lead developer to contributing as a member of a collaborative development team. A pivotal aspect of my role involved enhancing our design-to-development process, providing guidance, and optimizing the seamless transition between design and development phases.


Led the development of numerous large-scale website projects using Drupal, decoupled technologies like Gatsby, React, Storybook, and Patternlab.


Played a key role in building the new decoupled Mediacurrent website, employing Storybook, React, and Drupal, while working directly with designers to address design-focused challenges.


Partnered with the Director of Engineering to deploy a robust code base for project development, leveraging Storybook, Bootstrap, and Drupal.


Played a key role in the development of the new decoupled Mediacurrent website, integrating Storybook, React, and Drupal. Collaborated closely with designers to tackle design-centric hurdles.


Collaborated with creative leadership to streamline the design to development handoff resulting in an estimated 25% savings in development budgets.


Consulted with creative team leads in the creation of a Figma design library.


Initiated WAS Certification; progressed through approximately 50% before prioritizing higher-demand projects.


Actively participated in company accessibility meetings, sustaining engagement with ongoing accessibility initiatives.

University of Chicago - Professional Education

Sr. Associate Director of UX

June 2019 – December 2021

As Sr. Associate Director of UX, I collaborated closely with preferred vendors to guide the design of our web properties, ensuring alignment with our brand standards and objectives. My team led the development of these properties, with a strong emphasis on SEO, accessibility, and effective end-user communication.


Partnered with outside vendors to complete the rebranding and design of all UCPE web properties and marketing efforts.


Led the design, development, and deployment of the UCPE web property within the department’s inaugural six months.


Strategized the development of UCPE and Graham School web properties, implementing a unified code base for efficiency.


Mentored the design team in adopting best design best practices for the digital landscape.


Developed a streamlined process for email marketing campaigns within Slate using ExpressionEngine and custom code.

University of Chicago - Web Services

Sr. Front End Developer

October 2011 – June 2019

In my capacity as a Sr. Front End Developer, I engaged directly with clients across campus, leading the conceptualization and construction of web properties focused on student recruitment and information dissemination.


Initiated the revamping of Web Service’s design process, resulting in up to 60% cost savings for new projects.


Managed end-to-end design and development projects for prominent campus schools, leaders, and institutions.


Collaborated with programming staff to design and develop user-friendly, client-facing applications for student use.


Served as the Interim Manager of Web Services, providing guidance and leadership to the talented Web Services team.


Implemented cost-cutting measures using templates and design patterns, optimizing resource utilization.


Responsible for recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, managing, and mentoring student workers for the Web Services Department.

Golden Technologies

Art Director / Front End Developer

March 2008 – October 2011

Royal Brush Mfg. Inc.

Graphic / Web Designer

April 2006 – March 2008

Burrell Professional Labs

Print / Web Designer

May 2004 – April 2006



Design Consultant

January 2024 – Present

Engaged as a consultant to partner closely with the development team in constructing a cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) system tailored for restaurant management.


Formulated a detailed application design system and generated user flows and wireframes utilizing Figma.


Produced dynamic screen mockups portraying various user actions and interface screens, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Lead the development of page templates in Vaadin, optimizing functionality and aesthetics for enhanced user engagement.


Integrated fundamental UI elements drawing inspiration from Material and Lumo designs.



October 2023 – Present

Founded, developed and designed a service catering to travel sports teams.


Established a platform offering personalized websites and streamlines player information for recruiters.


Implemented user-friendly interfaces and automations services, alleviating the need for technical expertise by administrators.


Created an online store template, powered by Print-on-demand technology, which enables teams to help generate funds by selling custom designed team attire and accessories.

Ryan Wake Design & Consulting, LLC.

 Owner / Designer / Consultant

April 2004 – Present


Ball State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Graphic Design
June 2000


University of Chicago - Web Services

Interim Manager of Web Services (2017)

St. Mary's Church - Gary Diocese

Marriage Preparation Administrator (2004 – present)

St. Mary's School - Gary Diocese

Basketball Coach (2014 – 2018)

Softball Coach

Head & Assistant Coach of various Travel and League Teams (2010 – present)