Role: Art Direction, Client Management, Lead Developer
Technology: Drupal

Please note, I left the University of Chicago in December of 2021. In my humble opinion, there are important design details that have fallen short in recent years. While the overall structure of the site is the same, there are design issues with it’s current state.

When the University of Chicago’s Professional Education Division was established, I spearheaded the integration of a small marketing team with a segment of the Graham School team. My responsibility was to lead this amalgamated team in the design, development, and management of our web and marketing initiatives. This involved creating not only the new UCPE website but also a revamped Graham School website. To optimize resources, we devised a strategy to leverage shared features and templates for both sites. By overseeing the collaboration with an external vendor for design, I ensured our vision for these two web properties was effectively communicated and executed.